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So what about now? Starting a food blog

And finally… I’m here and I’m writing. It’s taken a good year to get my act together.

It’s a nerve-wracking thought: a platform on the internet to write whatever you want and whoever stumbles across it can judge freely and willingly.

So no, this title isn’t a reference to Westlife’s well-known Daughtry cover (although it sure is catchy), it’s instead motivational and somewhat chastising to myself.

On a day in October 2015, my mum and I were in the car and I had recently decided I wanted to work in the food industry. I’d spent the last year working in film and theatre, and, although exciting, I couldn’t find my passion for it. During our career discussion on this innocuous car journey my mum threw out, ‘Why don’t you start a food blog?’

To this I paused. I’d always ruled out a food blog.

Nearly everyone I know has a blog. I’ve even had a blog where I wrote the grand total of six entries to probably one reader, who gave up.

Blogs are hard work; each entry takes time, and as an impatient millennial (I’ve only just learnt what ‘millennial’ even means), I seem to want things done asap. Just thinking about designing and HTML brings me out in a cold sweat. Even so, the idea stuck with me. Since then I’ve read books on blogging, stalked more people on the internet than I care to admit, practiced recipes until I’m sick of the sight of them, and still want to write.

Suffice to say I’m ready and so, without further ado, what about now?

starting a food blog

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