Notes on the week

notes on the week

Here are notes on the week:

  • Today I finally visited my friends at the cookware shop where I worked for about five years during university holidays and to save for travels. Even when I believed I was going to direct Anastasia the musical and a Harry Potter TV series I still had an unhealthy obsession with Le Creuset cookware. I continue to admire the various colours and stroke them longingly, imagining me cooking in a tiny sea-view cottage with the entire range at my disposal. Apart from Le Creuset, it was lovely seeing my ladies again – god, we were such gossips. And I think, at heart, I’m a 50-year-old woman.
  • During a live chat with Apple, when responding to their question ‘How are you today?’ my phone’s predictive text turned my curt ‘Fine’ into ‘Horny’. I continued to laugh about this for a good hour after the conversation ended.
  • Eating a slice of banana, chocolate and stem ginger bread, a combination of Molly Wizenberg’s mouth-watering creation and Mary Berry’s classic. Goodness me it’s indulgent, although I’m sadly lacking sugared and chewy crystallised ginger. Stem ginger does the job of livening up the cake’s richness with its sharp bite, however, there’s too much crunch which doesn’t seem fitting for banana bread. Next time, I will cut up the ginger into smaller chunks to distribute the peppery flavour. And add more chocolate.
  • Engaging in an impromptu picnic in the sitting room as we’re having the kitchen painted. There’s something thrillingly childlike about my mum bringing home a bulging bag of Indian takeaway (unfortunately coinciding with Fiona reading an article about someone who died after eating a takeaway curry) and tucking in, all of us grouped around the sofa, eating off our laps. It also excuses manners, I mopped up my Pasanda sauce with a torn hunk of Peshwari naan before licking my fingers with relish.

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