Sleepy Sundays

A fish dinner with salty samphire and sweet potato chips followed by some kind of wondrous pudding that is still half-formed in my brain. It’s snowing outside albeit half-heartedly. This calls for cosy food so you can feel safe and sound inside as the trees and sky fade from the numb ice-white haze reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow when the polar vortex sends a wave of frozen, icicle laden air on New York, freezing people alive.

Ok, it’s not that bad. But still, this scene gives me goosebumps. Even now, 13 years later and CGI having improved tenfold.

If you haven’t tried descaling a sea bass then let this be a warning for you. Be prepared for the spray of scales. You’ll find them lingering on the kitchen tiles and in your hair hours later. They cover the surfaces, the floor, and, in this case, scattered over poor Nigella’s face (who’s book had the misfortune of being used at the present moment) like sticky glassy sequins. My mum and I have endured the process of descaling before; Boxing Day morning saw both of us manically sawing at a salmon with the back of knives, the salty spray of scales irresistibly similar to the watery mist from crashing waves. Always descale a fish inside a plastic bag! After that descaling incident I needed a shower.

Tonight with one fish descaled, the other three with scales intact, we ate supper, polishing off the bowl of sweet potato chips with our fingers once our plates were clean.

Desserts are always satisfying in our house, particularly in winter when you deserve one. Whether a simple crumble, courtesy of my dad, packed with fresh fruit such as mango and raspberry or individual syrupy sponges, we love to drown them in ladlefuls of custard – we do have Yorkshire hereditary after all. Thanks to relentless nagging tonight’s dessert is chocolate and pear sponge with chocolate custard. The pear was a little firm, issuing a crisp crunch as I sliced it into 8 pieces, however, under its cushion of chocolate cake it baked into something soft and juicy, it’s buttery sweetness cleansing our palates with each mouthful of thick and stodgy sponge. This rounds off the day alongside a large mug of tea and Taboo (although I appreciate Tom Hardy’s character, I do hope he’ll stop grunting soon and start speaking understandable English… anyone else know what’s going on?)

Happy weekend everyone!

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