Month: March 2017

  • One-pot meals: Seabass en papillote

    One-pot meals: Seabass en papillote

    One of my favourite things is to sit down to a spread of a meal, especially at Christmas, help myself to all the dishes, load my plate, drown it in some gravy or sauce and enjoy the meal and company. It produces something close to euphoria. Then, after the last mouthful and everyone reclines in […]

  • Yorkshire puddings

    Yorkshire puddings

    This Sunday I cooked for a dinner party. The party was more personal than usual because it was to celebrate my dad’s birthday – a milestone birthday, I’ll add. Fiona went full party-planner when it came to the decorations. Only gold was allowed, no multi-coloured numbered confetti, no sparkly pink balloons, no shiny foil bunting. […]

  • Food on the go

    Food on the go

    I think everyone must know someone who can eat anything. They wear it as self-righteous armour and enjoy a not-too-subtle roll of the eyes when you say you don’t like something. I’m afraid to say, I am that person. That is, until the tuna pasta incident. Work lunches, or food on the go, has been an […]

  • Bostock: Using up leftovers

    Bostock: Using up leftovers

    I’m proud to say the sixteen hot cross buns have depleted in numbers, and (I’ll smugly add) I am not the only culprit (there has definitely been a lift in the sugar ban in the rest of the house, not that I’ll name names). However, these buns have reached a crossroads resembling unforgiving stale rocks […]

  • Temptation during Lent

    Temptation during Lent

    A couple of years ago I decided to give up cheese for Lent (I know, how utterly foolish). Cheese isn’t as bad for you as a McDonalds everyday – unless you eat the whole block – so my reasoning for this 46 day ban was rather pointless, except I wanted to see if I could do […]

  • The 7 things I learnt in Manchester

    The 7 things I learnt in Manchester

    My recent trip to Manchester was like my many previous visits – gastronomic and involving a lot of Netflix. This time, however, my attention was brought to 7 things I should have learnt earlier in my 25 years of enjoying food: When it came to dinner time, my automatic reaction was to waltz into my boyfriend […]