Month: January 2018

  • #newyearnewme: Spiced carrots with couscous and preserved lemon

    #newyearnewme: Spiced carrots with couscous and preserved lemon

    Cooking vegan meals is more fulfilling than I thought. This is a statement I never thought I’d say. If you are a reader of this food-obsessed blog you will already know it’s unlikely I have partaken in this month’s Veganuary, especially as my last post described my recent meat spree in graphic and visceral detail, […]

  • A birthday feast

    A birthday feast

    Eating is a necessity in life. Humans must eat in order to live. However, there are some humans who live in order to eat. I would count myself in that later category. This has always been clear to me, usually thanks to the disappointment I feel when I finish my dinner, but never as obvious […]

  • Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Back in December, Tony texted me: ‘Al, would you be up for helping cook something on NYE?’ He then added: ‘Appreciate you spend your life cooking but it could be fun!’ *Lots of emojis* It didn’t take me long to agree. No doubt it was the emojis that swayed me. I only had to read […]

  • A year ago today…

    A year ago today…

    And with that, this little blog is a year old! A place for me to witter away about food, eating, and people who haven’t consented to being mentioned (sorry about that, Mum), it’s been my diary, scrap-book and recipe folder for a whole year! In January 2017, fresh from the Foundation Term at Leiths School […]