Month: May 2018

  • 3-ingredient lemonade

    3-ingredient lemonade

    The Roundabout of Death has sprouted flowers. This seems like a juxtaposition – something that symbolises doom and demise has born new life. These little white, yellow and purple fronds flutter in the constant breeze from the cars’ slipstream, their sweet scent completely overpowered by petrol fumes. Oh to lie amid you flowers, to playfully […]

  • Homemade granola

    Homemade granola

    It has always been assumed you’re either a morning person or not. Like the Marmite conundrum, you either love those early starts – some bounding out of bed at the sound of the tinny alarm bell, maybe even squeezing in an energising run to start the day – or you need multiple alarms to get […]

  • Food from literature: Harry Potter

    Food from literature: Harry Potter

    This Christmas I received two cookbooks from my aunts. One was the Honey & Co. Baking Book thanks to the babka incident, the other was Kate Young’s ‘The Little Library Cookbook’ complete with the tagline ‘100 recipes from your favourite stories’. If you haven’t come across Kate’s blog go and explore it now; before you […]

  • A walk in the sun

    A walk in the sun

    A long-lasting impulse of mine, which may be shared by you too, dear reader, is to spend a bank holiday enjoying a hearty walk – inhaling fresh air, soaking up much needed vitamin D and topping up my incredible tan (think Edward Cullen) – before rewarding myself with a slap-up pub lunch because all that […]

  • 5 a day

    5 a day

    At last spring is here! Hands up; who’s excited about all the fresh veg? Just me? Not that we all don’t love a muddy turnip or beetroot, but the dense, sweet, earthy flavours of winter are now too hearty for the season. So long to soups, stews and pies (unless you live in Manchester where […]