Month: June 2018

  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday

    It was the holiday of dusty feet, freckled skin and greasy fingers licked clean. Relentlessly we marched to and fro across the city, admiring views, monuments and ancient ruins, but, truth be told, we were led by our stomachs (or partially by my delicate, paper-white skin thus shelter was regularly required… usually with a beer […]

  • Eat the Seasons: Summer

    Eat the Seasons: Summer

    Summers are so fickle. You can never presume you know summer as it will immediately change its mind, much like a moody rebellious teenager. May in Manchester was glorious: forget-me-not blue skies, sweltering sun and now some rather stripy tan (ahem burn) marks as a result. Beer gardens were bursting at the seams, patches of […]

  • Homemade butter

    Homemade butter

    Once again, I am late to the party. Sometimes I don’t get the memo or in other cases, I snobbishly reject it. In this case, I’m sorry to say, I rejected it. The most popular food of the next three years just didn’t appeal. And when this food is a jar of old cabbage and […]

  • Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    For once my focus hasn’t been on the food. It has remained in that area – general food and eating (what do you take me for) – but instead, it has been on how to serve it. You see, dear reader, I am without a dining table. This bothersome conundrum has meant a lot of […]