Month: September 2018

  • Swedish meatballs with blackberry anise sauce

    Swedish meatballs with blackberry anise sauce

    It’s a game we all play. We’re all guilty of it. If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me, dear reader. You’re at the supermarket checkout. As you laboriously pile your groceries onto the conveyor belt, you can’t help but furtively cast your eye over your neighbour’s purchases. As you spot the family-sized multi-pack […]

  • Eat the seasons: Autumn

    Eat the seasons: Autumn

    Without a doubt, autumn is most people’s favourite season, mine included. There is a freshness in the air after the sticky heat of summer, along with a brisk chill and lingering smell of smoke from the bonfire of dead leaves raked up in someone’s garden. You gradually add more layers to your wardrobe; thick jumpers, […]

  • Soy-glazed seabass

    Soy-glazed seabass

    As far as jobs go, mine is marvellous. Becoming a chef was never a childhood dream – in another life I will be a ballet dancer – as it was far too sweaty, stressful, and you can’t paint your nails. But, contrary to my expectations, it is a role I’ve worked in for the last […]

  • Roasted red pepper salsa

    Roasted red pepper salsa

    I had a plan for this blog post, dear reader. September is suddenly upon us, along with all those cosy autumnal feelings, so after work the other day I strolled along a quiet cycle lane, shielded either side by banks of greenery, in search of blackberries. These late-summer fruits are perfect September fare, tart, inky […]