Month: December 2018

  • Countdown to Christmas

    Countdown to Christmas

    And with that, it’s Christmas Eve! I don’t know about you but boy, that came around quickly. I had to double check the date the other day – it was the 21st and, terrifyingly, I wasn’t feeling festive. Sure, Christmas shopping had been accomplished but since when has that been a jolly experience? A crowded […]

  • Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Interestingly, the most unnoticeable seasonal change is the one leading into the harshest, bleakest of seasons. Not quite the welcome to this post as I’d initially planned. Try not to imagine Siberia outside as you read on. Maybe it seems gradual as we’re already bundled up to the eyebrows in scarfs and coats and blankets, […]

  • Glasgow & homemade Scotch whisky cream

    Glasgow & homemade Scotch whisky cream

    Scotland is not known for its passive people, its mild weather nor its light, easily-digestible cuisine. Eating in Scotland requires a hardy constitution, a refusal to back down and, inevitably, a rise in your cholesterol. The food has nothing to hide, proud in its greasy, rugged state. Sample a taste and you will throw caution to […]