Month: January 2019

  • Rhubarb Bakewell slice

    Rhubarb Bakewell slice

    My favourite activities tend to rotate around eating. No surprises there, but let me digress. Over the last two weeks I have managed to repeat a particular structure which, inevitably, results in eating, and I’m not sure how I can get away with repeating it again next week. You’ve no doubt listened (read?) to me […]

  • My problem with Veganuary

    My problem with Veganuary

    January started with a jolt. It was a bumpy return to work what with the two fresh burns to my forearm – I genuinely think I have a hazard perception issue, there’s something hot there so don’t knock it, oh look I’ve knocked it – and the sudden reappearance of those bothersome bags under my […]

  • Lamb koftes

    Lamb koftes

    And so the mince pies are dwindling, the turkey curry is tucked away in the freezer, the cheese board has been scraped clean, and the recycling bin is full of prosecco bottles. The old year always ends with a gut-busting feast and the new begins with much anti-bac and taking out the bins. But, oh […]