Month: February 2019

  • Dining solo: cooking for 1

    Dining solo: cooking for 1

    Inevitably, couples develop routines and habits that naturally evolve during their relationship. They’re usually quite tame, a little dull, for instance, he takes out the bins, you take the recycling. It’s the knowledge that you share the drudgery of daily life with someone which makes these tasks that iota more pleasant. I don’t know if many couples […]

  • Lakeside


    A week in the Lake District with my mum meant dedicated missions to find satisfactory tea and cake, mooching around bookshops, swanning across Windermere muffled against the brisk chill, and hunting down old Victorian buildings for my mum’s future Bed and Breakfast venture. It was the holiday to relax, forget about work, the to-do list […]

  • Dinner on a budget: Bacon and egg congee

    Dinner on a budget: Bacon and egg congee

    We are all familiar with that countdown to January payday. Those five weeks from Christmas to the end of the first month of the year lasts an eternally long time, years not weeks, as we wait, nervously gazing at our empty bank accounts and wondering how much we should chip into our savings. January is […]