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We all have full inboxes – once upon a time, I signed up to two separate language-learning email lists to teach me French, have I ever read their updates? No. How’s my French going? Terribly.

However, what if I could offer you a newsletter that, unlike these emails sitting in my inbox, doesn’t require any hard work on your end, instead you can just sit back and enjoy easy-to-follow bi-weekly recipes and some rather mouth-watering food photography?

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I’m listening…

By signing up to my newsletter, not only will you never miss a blog post or recipe, you will also receive bonus content not available on the blog!

You will be part of a special elite group.

These newsletters will include:

  • A new and exclusive series I’m about to launch called ‘Raid the Fridge Fridays’. Have you ever struggled to put together lunch from whatever scraps that are lingering in the fridge? With my recipes, you’ll have ideas at your fingertips for those difficult and frustrating meal times.
  • Plus all of my weekly blog posts and recipes

Sounds tempting, anything else you can offer me?

Yes! I’ve been working on a little recipe e-book – if you like sweet snacks, cakes, scones and biscuits, sign up to my newsletter and you will receive it for free for a limited time only!

Check out my newsletter here or sign up with the form below – I look forward to seeing you there and sharing exclusive offers and extra content with you!

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