Hi there!

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My name is Ally, I’m a chef from England and can usually be found pottering around a kitchen somewhere – usually one attached to my current home or where I’m employed to work; don’t worry I don’t just break into random kitchens to use the fancy cookware. Although, some cookware could tempt me.

I love warm croissants, scones with jam and clotted cream, those pots of olives packed with cubes of cheese, pizza with mayonnaise, spaghetti puttanesca, a packet of jaffa cakes, dinner parties and picnics, endless cups of tea, and lazily sipping an Aperol spritz while in good company. Basically, I love food. I tend to get over-excited about it.

Most of all I love to eat and then write about what I eat. If you’ve found and enjoy this blog you probably do the same. Or you simply like me telling you what I like eating. Which is cool.