About Me

About Nigella Eats Everything

Some FAQs (because they’re much more tempting to read than a long paragraph)

Why is your blog called Nigella Eats Everything, but your name’s Ally?

It is rather perplexing, I agree. Back in 2015, I wanted to start a food blog and was contemplating some fairly terrible blog names. I discussed them with my friends, who immediately vetoed every single one. We had a good chuckle about some stupid ideas, then my friend Anthony said, in jest I must add, “Nigella eats everything! You should call it that.” And I did. It was one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments.

So it’s not just recipes by the sexy and talented Nigella?

No, afraid not! They’re by (the sexy and talented) me! With a lot of help from some very talented chefs and food writers before me. (But I do tribute her here and here!)

Why did you start Nigella Eats Everything?

I had just finished training at the culinary school Leiths and was trying to find my niche in the food industry without having to become a chef. For some people, the intense pressure of chef-life is what gets them out of bed in the morning and they cannot imagine doing anything else. I just knew I couldn’t be one of those people. I worry too much for one. Ironically, two months after I started this blog, I was hired as a chef. To say it was a baptism by fire is being kind.

While my life in the professional kitchen has come to an end, this blog certainly hasn’t and it’s my little corner of the internet to write, worshipping and lamenting the food that comes out of my kitchen and shared with people I love.

If you enjoy brownies, breakfast pancakes and pastries, pickles, fresh summer fruit, stodgy winter dishes to keep you warm on cold days, and a lot of different jam recipes, then read on! I hope we can become virtual friends!

Where are you from?

I’m from the UK and have lived in London, Manchester, and also with my parents more times than I care to admit. Now I live in Toulouse, in the south of France where the buildings are deep peachy-pink, and learning French is an uphill battle.