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  • Blackberry and bay brownies

    Blackberry and bay brownies

    During these endless days of lockdown it’s good to find the little joys. In the last few days I’ve been carrying vases of tulips around the house so I can see them wherever I go, it snowed and as I write this the garden is still topped in what looks like a blanket of fondant […]

  • Christmas baking: mincemeat and apple jalousie

    Christmas baking: mincemeat and apple jalousie

    And so, it’s the countdown to a Covid Christmas! Does that sound cynical? Nowadays, Christmas requires returning home two weeks early for the obligatory quarantine. Never mind that France and the UK were both in respective lockdowns. Yes, I’m cynical and so what?! Upon touching down in London, it was like Christmas exploded. Christmas appears […]

  • Citrus and ginger no-bake cheesecake

    Citrus and ginger no-bake cheesecake

    Allegedly, cheesecake was a favourite dessert of Henry VIII. Unrecognisable to the cheesecake we know and love today, the cheese was diced and softened with milk before straining. To this, the chef would mix butter, eggs and sugar and pop it in the 16th century oven, and, as it was so popular, the recipe was […]

  • Nectarine and blackberry croissant cake

    Nectarine and blackberry croissant cake

    If a positive start to the year is an increase in productivity then mine is going badly. So far I have eaten three chocolate chip cookies straight off the baking tray and dozed in my bed, bundled under the covers like a hibernating bear, even though the sky is a perfect shade of periwinkle blue. […]

  • Jam doughnut muffins

    Jam doughnut muffins

    I want to introduce you to some new friend of mine. We haven’t known each other long but we’ve had a few short, intense moments in the last week. These friends are known as duffins, or in other words, jam doughnut muffins, and I like to think these will be friends for life. As with […]

  • Homemade custard

    Homemade custard

    Finally, Easter weekend has come and gone, and with it so has Lent, hooray! Back I joyously skip into the arms of temptation and bury my face in the next cream tea or jar of jam I see. Although, I have to confess, my absconding from sugar took a dramatic nose dive these final few […]

  • Swedish chocolate cake

    Swedish chocolate cake

    When I first moved in with Calum and two of his friends three years ago I would waste a lot of time pottering around their kitchen, whiling the time away between my two badly paid part-time jobs. Although one of these jobs was as a baker, the baking didn’t fulfil me as I would find […]

  • Lemon mascarpone cake

    Lemon mascarpone cake

    And so, Lent has begun. This year I lengthily considered my options – previously I have given up junk food but, on reflection, I don’t buy junk food so it’s not that great a sacrifice. Crisps and fizzy drinks never strike my fancy… whereas sugar on the other hand… So, naturally, I came to the conclusion […]

  • Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Interestingly, the most unnoticeable seasonal change is the one leading into the harshest, bleakest of seasons. Not quite the welcome to this post as I’d initially planned. Try not to imagine Siberia outside as you read on. Maybe it seems gradual as we’re already bundled up to the eyebrows in scarfs and coats and blankets, […]

  • Chocolate self-saucing pudding

    Chocolate self-saucing pudding

    We’re all children at heart. Do we really need anything more than chocolate self-saucing pudding? Imagine me aged seven. ‘What’s for pudding?’ was my favourite expression (has anything changed?). Along with a winning grin, minus a front tooth, I would enthusiastically chant this along with my table of classmates, in an infuriating sing-song voice every […]