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  • A foodie’s long weekend guide to Glasgow

    A foodie’s long weekend guide to Glasgow

    Scotland is not known for its passive people, its mild weather nor its light, easily-digestible cuisine. Eating in Scotland requires a hardy constitution, a refusal to back down and, inevitably, a rise in your cholesterol. The food has nothing to hide, proud in its greasy, rugged state. Sample a taste and you will throw caution to […]

  • 3-ingredient lemonade

    3-ingredient lemonade

    The Roundabout of Death has sprouted flowers. This seems like a juxtaposition – something that symbolises doom and demise has born new life. These little white, yellow and purple fronds flutter in the constant breeze from the cars’ slipstream, their sweet scent completely overpowered by petrol fumes. Oh to lie amid you flowers, to playfully […]

  • A year ago today…

    A year ago today…

    And with that, this little blog is a year old! A place for me to witter away about food, eating, and people who haven’t consented to being mentioned (sorry about that, Mum), it’s been my diary, scrap-book and recipe folder for a whole year! In January 2017, fresh from the Foundation Term at Leiths School […]