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  • No-churn cherry ripple ice cream

    No-churn cherry ripple ice cream

    For the last week, I have been living and breathing cream. My cream-focused projects have ranged from either end of the heat spectrum, from baking a dish of it for 12 hours, to plopping it whipped and cloudy into a loaf tin before freezing. And as this blog post is titled ‘no-churn cherry ripple ice […]

  • Fig and thyme jam

    Fig and thyme jam

    October seems to be the perfect month for me to make jam. Last year I filled some mini jars with bramble jam – mini purely because of the blackberry curse that haunts me – and although that is literally when the tradition started, I would like to it continue. This year it’s time to celebrate […]

  • Bacon and marmalade sandwich

    Bacon and marmalade sandwich

    Christmas Eve is the sparkly magical wait before the big event. And it’s the perfect excuse for a bacon and marmalade sandwich. Mince pies are being defrosted and dredged in snowy icing sugar, we bundle up in coats and gloves and hats and march around the local countryside for a walk, and the radio serenades […]

  • Bramble and bay jam

    Bramble and bay jam

    I love jam. That may not be a mystery. My friend Hannah can testify. When we lived together I had a collection of seven jams in the fridge. One for each day of the week you could say. Looking back, I admit it was excessive. Jam on toast, jam on scones, jam on my face, […]

  • Jam doughnut muffins

    Jam doughnut muffins

    I want to introduce you to some new friend of mine. We haven’t known each other long but we’ve had a few short, intense moments in the last week. These friends are known as duffins, or in other words, jam doughnut muffins, and I like to think these will be friends for life. As with […]

  • A step-by-step guide: strawberry and star anise jam

    A step-by-step guide: strawberry and star anise jam

    Sooo.. It may be time to address the elephant in the room. The one covered in jam. One of my weaknesses is jam. (Correction: my only weakness? Alas, no, cake!) Any friendly, regular readers of these blog posts may recall the occasional tribute to jam – deliberating over it, buying it, eating it, fawning over […]

  • The perfect Christmas hamper and Buck’s Fizz Marmalade

    The perfect Christmas hamper and Buck’s Fizz Marmalade

    Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the obligatory food gift. Whether it’s a caddy of fancy tea or some homemade relish, we hope to extend the period of gastronomical indulgence beyond the last week of December. Long-life preserves, granola or spiced fudge can be stored in the stuffed ‘junk food cupboard’ (which, of course, everyone has) […]