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  • Lamb koftes

    Lamb koftes

    And so the mince pies are dwindling, the turkey curry is tucked away in the freezer, the cheese board has been scraped clean, and the recycling bin is full of prosecco bottles. The old year always ends with a gut-busting feast and the new begins with much anti-bac and taking out the bins. But, oh […]

  • Beef stew with dumplings  

    Beef stew with dumplings  

    Although the air is crisp and fresh, the food I intend to eat at this time of year certainly isn’t. I love to walk outside and breathe in lungfuls of the autumnal wood-smokey air (reasonably far away from the roundabout on which I live, there is an abundance of pollution here), bundled up in coat, […]

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

    Spaghetti Bolognese

    Dear reader, I had an elaborate plan for this blog post. Something seasonal and adventurous to compete with the high-brow food you find on Instagram these days. Reader, I was going to give you the recipe for butternut squash gnocchi, drizzled in rosemary and hazelnut butter, and a sprinkling of Parmesan. And it was a […]

  • Swedish meatballs with blackberry anise sauce

    Swedish meatballs with blackberry anise sauce

    It’s a game we all play. We’re all guilty of it. If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me, dear reader. You’re at the supermarket checkout. As you laboriously pile your groceries onto the conveyor belt, you can’t help but furtively cast your eye over your neighbour’s purchases. As you spot the family-sized multi-pack […]

  • Eat the seasons: Autumn

    Eat the seasons: Autumn

    Without a doubt, autumn is most people’s favourite season, mine included. There is a freshness in the air after the sticky heat of summer, along with a brisk chill and lingering smell of smoke from the bonfire of dead leaves raked up in someone’s garden. You gradually add more layers to your wardrobe; thick jumpers, […]

  • Bacon and chorizo macaroni cheese

    Bacon and chorizo macaroni cheese

    We all need a little r & r now and again. Life has become relentlessly active these days – work hard play hard – with little time to slow down and breathe (unless you’re nursing a hangover). The Sunday ‘Doomsday’ dread has never been more tangible when we start the five-day countdown to ‘Fri-yay!’. Play […]

  • Food from literature: Harry Potter

    Food from literature: Harry Potter

    This Christmas I received two cookbooks from my aunts. One was the Honey & Co. Baking Book thanks to the babka incident, the other was Kate Young’s ‘The Little Library Cookbook’ complete with the tagline ‘100 recipes from your favourite stories’. If you haven’t come across Kate’s blog go and explore it now; before you […]

  • New beginnings: Manchester

    New beginnings: Manchester

    What goes around comes around, so they say. My life has become that phrase a little too literally. Here I am back in Manchester again. Having only left it last July. And before that the previous autumn. And before that I was at university here. I am a broken record in human form, repeating the […]

  • One-pot chicken tagine with quinoa

    One-pot chicken tagine with quinoa

    The end is nigh. Once again, my suitcases are packed and cardboard boxes filled, ready to be crammed haphazardly into my car and trundled off somewhere new (not really, it’s back to Manchester again. Curse you, long-distance relationships). Before that particular date arrives, however, I’m living out of my suitcases in an echoing and empty flat. […]

  • Quichemas – Sausage, apple and blue cheese quiche

    Quichemas – Sausage, apple and blue cheese quiche

    The café at which I work has a specials board. Like most specials boards it is big, black and made of slate, and to many strictly set menu-adhering customers, a cumbersome distraction to the ambience of the room. Before I worked with food I was an indoctrinated menu-follower. It is handed to you politely by […]