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  • Dining solo: cooking for 1

    Dining solo: cooking for 1

    Inevitably, couples develop routines and habits that naturally evolve during their relationship. They’re usually quite tame, a little dull, for instance, he takes out the bins, you take the recycling. It’s the knowledge that you share the drudgery of daily life with someone which makes these tasks that iota more pleasant. I don’t know if many couples […]

  • Roasted red pepper salsa

    Roasted red pepper salsa

    I had a plan for this blog post, dear reader. September is suddenly upon us, along with all those cosy autumnal feelings, so after work the other day I strolled along a quiet cycle lane, shielded either side by banks of greenery, in search of blackberries. These late-summer fruits are perfect September fare, tart, inky […]

  • How to picnic: sundried tomato pasta

    How to picnic: sundried tomato pasta

    Like buying an ice cream or building sandcastles, picnics are a rite of passage for the summer. Eating outdoors is a novelty, especially in this cloudy little country, so we grab those warm afternoons and evenings with both hands, venture outside and load our paper plates high. Summer essentially equals messy eating and we all […]

  • How to make a great salad

    How to make a great salad

    Every year we yearn for summer’s arrival. In mid-winter’s clutches we shiver like huddled penguins and strain to remember those warmer times. Winters last eternity, much like a never-ending winter in Game of Thrones. Slowly but surely our wishes have been granted and at last, it’s summer! And with it came the sweat. Was everyone […]

  • Cooking without equipment: Pesto

    Cooking without equipment: Pesto

    I think it is time to confess. Dear reader, I must admit something… something I have been trying to conceal from you all this time. Here it goes… I don’t own much kitchen equipment. I am so ashamed. As a chef I am embarrassed to admit that no, I do not own a pestle and mortar, […]

  • Homemade butter

    Homemade butter

    Once again, I am late to the party. Sometimes I don’t get the memo or in other cases, I snobbishly reject it. In this case, I’m sorry to say, I rejected it. The most popular food of the next three years just didn’t appeal. And when this food is a jar of old cabbage and […]

  • Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    For once my focus hasn’t been on the food. It has remained in that area – general food and eating (what do you take me for) – but instead, it has been on how to serve it. You see, dear reader, I am without a dining table. This bothersome conundrum has meant a lot of […]

  • 5 a day

    5 a day

    At last spring is here! Hands up; who’s excited about all the fresh veg? Just me? Not that we all don’t love a muddy turnip or beetroot, but the dense, sweet, earthy flavours of winter are now too hearty for the season. So long to soups, stews and pies (unless you live in Manchester where […]

  • A slice of bread

    A slice of bread

    Somehow, tartines passed me by. For someone who claims to be a food-obsessive and, for that matter, work in the food industry, this is quite embarrassing. I think I was confused as the word looks so similar to ‘tarte tatin’ (it does), which is structurally the same – a carby chewy base, topped with flavourful […]

  • Eat the Seasons: Spring

    Eat the Seasons: Spring

    Spring is here. The Beast from the East – although tremendously tiresome and dangerous – is a mere blip on our radar now we can do the important things, like wear trainers instead of winter boots. My feet actually feel lighter as I skip along through the overcast British drizzle. I wouldn’t go as far […]