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  • London calling

    London calling

    In April I moved back to Manchester. Well-accustomed to the drizzle and grey skies this city knows so well, I was apprehensive at first. Four months, dazzling sunshine and a heat-wave later, I can safely say this move was a success. Thanks to a pretty great flatmate, a job I love, many long-awaited catch ups […]

  • The art of brunch

    The art of brunch

    Unless you’ve lived in a bunker for the last five years or so, you cannot have missed the brunch phenomenon. Weekend plans rotate around brunch. ‘You free this Saturday? Fancy brunch?’ To scroll through Instagram on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday means a bombardment of reminders – in case you’d forgotten – that it […]

  • A birthday feast

    A birthday feast

    Eating is a necessity in life. Humans must eat in order to live. However, there are some humans who live in order to eat. I would count myself in that later category. This has always been clear to me, usually thanks to the disappointment I feel when I finish my dinner, but never as obvious […]

  • Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Back in December, Tony texted me: ‘Al, would you be up for helping cook something on NYE?’ He then added: ‘Appreciate you spend your life cooking but it could be fun!’ *Lots of emojis* It didn’t take me long to agree. No doubt it was the emojis that swayed me. I only had to read […]

  • The baker’s return

    The baker’s return

    When I last wrote I waxed lyrical like a lovesick teenager about my one true love: baking, and how deprived I am without a cookie jar of homemade treats to hand. I can now say, dear reader, that, without being lude, that craving has at last been fulfilled. My return to the family home for […]

  • Wedding bells

    Wedding bells

    I lived with my friend, Nnamdi, in my second year of university. We lived together with seven others in, essentially, a three-bedroom house with a large thinly-walled extension haphazardly attached with next to no heating. The kitchen was a corridor, the sitting room could just about fit a sofa, my desk was on a hinge […]

  • Europe 2011: An inter-railing adventure

    Europe 2011: An inter-railing adventure

    It was a ‘Gap Year’ style holiday unlike all others. Look no further for sun-kissed beach bodies, drunken out-of-focus photographs of the Full Moon party, fluorescent face paint and sky diving. You won’t find them here. This holiday, my dear reader, took me to Europe for a tour of gastronomy. I think holidays reflect our personalities […]

  • Coconut cheesecakes in a glass

    Coconut cheesecakes in a glass

    University is not the time to be channelling your inner culinary goddess. Amid the daunting hubbub of your new, shared living-space, independent lifestyle, and friends with whom to socialise and act cool around, spending time cooking in a dismal, slightly greasy and stained student kitchen is low down on the priority list. Instead, you become […]

  • Leftovers and my mum

    Leftovers and my mum

    My kindred spirit is my mum. They say women eventually turn into their mothers and I bet that’s not far from the truth. Every now and then I catch myself mid-way through a ‘classic mum’ facial expression or imitating her disparaging noise, the vocal version of an eye-roll, which I seem to have perfected over the […]