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  • The Waterway review: Gorgeous view, disappointing food

    The Waterway review: Gorgeous view, disappointing food

    Many believe you can’t go wrong with gastro-pub grub. Others, including myself, think that it has a time and a place, ideally at actual gastro-pubs where the main courses cost a tenner, not at canal-side alfresco restaurants. Dining in the sun is in demand once again, and it just cries out for the flavours of […]

  • London calling

    London calling

    In April I moved back to Manchester. Well-accustomed to the drizzle and grey skies this city knows so well, I was apprehensive at first. Four months, dazzling sunshine and a heat-wave later, I can safely say this move was a success. Thanks to a pretty great flatmate, a job I love, many long-awaited catch ups […]

  • 8 great restaurants in London

    8 great restaurants in London

    Everyone knows London. It is vast and smoggy, teeming with people. It’s home to the Queen, the Houses of Parliament and red double-decker buses. The underground in rush hour is like a well-oiled machine at full speed – step out of the lines of militant commuters and you will endure violent cussing, with you pressed […]

  • The art of brunch

    The art of brunch

    Unless you’ve lived in a bunker for the last five years or so, you cannot have missed the brunch phenomenon. Weekend plans rotate around brunch. ‘You free this Saturday? Fancy brunch?’ To scroll through Instagram on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday means a bombardment of reminders – in case you’d forgotten – that it […]

  • A birthday feast

    A birthday feast

    Eating is a necessity in life. Humans must eat in order to live. However, there are some humans who live in order to eat. I would count myself in that later category. This has always been clear to me, usually thanks to the disappointment I feel when I finish my dinner, but never as obvious […]

  • Lebkuchen and Bah Humbug!

    Lebkuchen and Bah Humbug!

    And, at last, we have reached the season which is all about eating. This is the time of year when we think we must endlessly spend to engorge our waistlines. My friend, Tony, has already attended at least four Christmas parties, drinks and dinners, and I have been the most social in a month with […]

  • Good intentions

    Good intentions

    We all have good intentions. Studying our calorie intake as though it is religious scripture or walking determinedly past the kebab shop after a night out. Saving a couple of pounds by not buying that latte and croissant which you reason, no matter how warm and flaky that pastry may be, you don’t actually need […]