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  • Salted caramel sauce

    Salted caramel sauce

    The freezer tends to be a haven for treats. When I was little it was the home of ready-meals, frozen chips, waffles, hash-browns and those smiley-faced potato cakes everyone loved in their school lunch. We horded ice lollies and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla Mini Milks, and vanilla ice creams on sticks coated in nubbly almond-sprinkled…

  • Handmade Pesto Without Equipment

    Handmade Pesto Without Equipment

    I think it is time to confess. Dear reader, I must admit something… something I have been trying to conceal from you all this time. Here it goes… I don’t own much kitchen equipment. I am so ashamed. As a chef I am embarrassed to admit that no, I do not own a pestle and mortar,…