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  • This sad, sorry baker

    This sad, sorry baker

    I am currently engaged in a baking hiatus. Not through choice, I’ll add, those who know me or are aware of my frequent baking escapades would understand I must be ill or have a very good excuse as to why I can’t bake. I’ve been, rather pathetically, attempting to fill this gaping hole through desperate […]

  • Favourite Combinations: Apples and pastry

    Favourite Combinations: Apples and pastry

    Apples and pastry. And with that, I take my leave. I doubt I am the only one with a weakness for this combination. The comforting, familiar taste of juicy apple softened by the heat of the oven, enclosed in pastry, has always been my go-to treat. The days when my parents took Fiona and I to a […]

  • A good apple

    A good apple

    My family were never one to stock the kitchen full of junk food. Of course, as a grumpy 9-year-old I was furious about this as I was missing out on all the delicacies my friends would smugly recount to me at school. Of course, now I am grateful. Maybe I’d have a mouth full of […]

  • Notes on the week

    Notes on the week

    Here are notes on the week: Today I finally visited my friends at the cookware shop where I worked for about five years during university holidays and to save for travels. Even when I believed I was going to direct Anastasia the musical and a Harry Potter TV series I still had an unhealthy obsession […]