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  • Time out

    Time out

    Apologies, I’m aware this post is a little ahead of schedule. The photo of a Christmas tree, although an offering of good cheer, may not be welcome yet as, yes, I’m aware it is still November. Christmas is the last celebration of the year, so someone please tell me where the year went? That flighty […]

  • The Beast from the East: Bread & butter pudding for 1

    The Beast from the East: Bread & butter pudding for 1

    We Brits are not adept at change. Take this week, for instance. The fateful Beast from the East is looming above British towns and cities, terrifying people into their homes while icy winds as sharp as knives blast, and soft, light snow flutters down despite the blue sky and bright sunshine. Whenever it snows here […]

  • Brioche: The benefits of butter

    Brioche: The benefits of butter

    It’s always an unfortunate discovery, when sitting down for lunch or dinner, to see your whole plate is covered in different shades of brown. Even though so many delicious foods are brown; chocolate, caramelised onions, the holy deity that is pastry, a plate of varied tones of beige does not scream, ‘Eat me now!’ We […]