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  • Chocolate self-saucing pudding

    Chocolate self-saucing pudding

    We’re all children at heart. Do we really need anything more than chocolate self-saucing pudding? Imagine me aged seven. ‘What’s for pudding?’ was my favourite expression (has anything changed?). Along with a winning grin, minus a front tooth, I would enthusiastically chant this along with my table of classmates, in an infuriating sing-song voice every […]

  • Sleepy Sundays

    A fish dinner with salty samphire and sweet potato chips followed by some kind of wondrous pudding that is still half-formed in my brain. It’s snowing outside albeit half-heartedly. This calls for cosy food so you can feel safe and sound inside as the trees and sky fade from the numb ice-white haze reminiscent of The […]