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  • Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Cooking for a crowd: New Year’s Eve

    Back in December, Tony texted me: ‘Al, would you be up for helping cook something on NYE?’ He then added: ‘Appreciate you spend your life cooking but it could be fun!’ *Lots of emojis* It didn’t take me long to agree. No doubt it was the emojis that swayed me. I only had to read…

  • Pineapple upside down cake

    Pineapple upside down cake

    The occasion for a dinner party does not arise often, particularly when you work a very busy schedule. When food is part of your working day the idea of putting a lot of effort into a two or three course meal, for fun I’ll add, is more exhausting than you can imagine, and instead the…

  • Yorkshire puddings

    Yorkshire puddings

    This Sunday I cooked for a dinner party. The party was more personal than usual because it was to celebrate my dad’s birthday – a milestone birthday, I’ll add. Fiona went full party-planner when it came to the decorations. Only gold was allowed, no multi-coloured numbered confetti, no sparkly pink balloons, no shiny foil bunting.…