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  • A week of food and love

    A week of food and love

    It is mainly upon reflection when you realise how greedy you are. In the moment, you’re hungry and there’s not a lot you can do to resist, even if you only ate breakfast an hour before. When you eventually think back and you become aware how much time was dominated by food and consuming said […]

  • Good intentions

    Good intentions

    We all have good intentions. Studying our calorie intake as though it is religious scripture or walking determinedly past the kebab shop after a night out. Saving a couple of pounds by not buying that latte and croissant which you reason, no matter how warm and flaky that pastry may be, you don’t actually need […]

  • Toblerone for dinner

    Toblerone for dinner

    It’s Saturday evening and I’m in bed eating a Toblerone. I told myself to find a small package of this devilish triangular chocolate; a few quick nibbles and that’s it, I’m sedated from my chocolate cravings. This hunt for a small bar was completely unsuccessful, however (do they only exist in duty free?) and I […]

  • Peckish?

    My stomach was rumbling. I don’t know about you but by 5pm I like to know dinner is on its way so I can either start the anticipation or admit defeat and find something to nibble. This evening I caved and nibbled. This is the person who, to celebrate handing in their final year dissertation […]