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  • Bolognese: Florence III

    Bolognese: Florence III

    Last night I stood sweating over the Bolognese in a determined attempt to perfect it without an Italian present. As I gently folded the ragu, allowing steam to billow and steam my face like a meaty sauna, I looked for the creamy consistency Alessio (aka Alex) had taught me, and breathed in to smell the […]

  • Quick zabaglione: Florence II

    Quick zabaglione: Florence II

    When you think of Italian food you probably don’t automatically fantasise about something sweet. ‘Dolce’ is a word we have absorbed into the English language thanks to Dolcelatte cheese and Dolce & Gabbana yet not for its original meaning. To me the word conjures up images of sorbet, a glass dish of fresh and juicy […]

  • An eating excursion: Florence

    An eating excursion: Florence

    The distant view of Florence is iconic, its ancient Duomo towering high above the tangle of terracotta. Even through the frozen mist and hesitant snow of midday, which in summer would otherwise have been a pleasant Italian riposo, the view from Piazzale Michelangelo was breath-taking. I have been lucky enough to visit Florence three times in […]