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  • A slice of bread

    A slice of bread

    Somehow, tartines passed me by. For someone who claims to be a food-obsessive and, for that matter, work in the food industry, this is quite embarrassing. I think I was confused as the word looks so similar to ‘tarte tatin’ (it does), which is structurally the same – a carby chewy base, topped with flavourful […]

  • Bostock: Using up leftovers

    Bostock: Using up leftovers

    I’m proud to say the sixteen hot cross buns have depleted in numbers, and (I’ll smugly add) I am not the only culprit (there has definitely been a lift in the sugar ban in the rest of the house, not that I’ll name names). However, these buns have reached a crossroads resembling unforgiving stale rocks […]

  • Leftovers and my mum

    Leftovers and my mum

    My kindred spirit is my mum. They say women eventually turn into their mothers and I bet that’s not far from the truth. Every now and then I catch myself mid-way through a ‘classic mum’ facial expression or imitating her disparaging noise, the vocal version of an eye-roll, which I seem to have perfected over the […]