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  • Spaghetti with prawns and whisky sauce

    Spaghetti with prawns and whisky sauce

    In my opinion, it’s not a habit to serve spaghetti and prawns with whisky. Correct me if I’m wrong. To me, whisky is that unfathomable drink, ferociously harsh and unapologetically alcoholic, which lawyers manage to knock back without even a grimace in courtroom dramas. But this unusual combination of spaghetti with prawns and whisky sauce […]

  • Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    Prawn, tomato and garlic spaghetti

    For once my focus hasn’t been on the food. It has remained in that area – general food and eating (what do you take me for) – but instead, it has been on how to serve it. You see, dear reader, I am without a dining table. This bothersome conundrum has meant a lot of […]

  • The food of love

    The food of love

    Earlier, I stumbled in from a trek in the rain, sans umbrella, to find the nearest post box (which, I will add, was about a half hour trip – do we just not need post boxes anymore these days? I bought a packet of stamps back in March and have only used two of them. […]

  • Birthday Chinese

    When I asked my sister when we started our family tradition of Birthday Chinese food she just responded with, ‘A long time ago.’ So this could remain quite vague. It was my birthday yesterday which, naturally, included the traditions of birthday cake (white chocolate and orange made by Fiona’s fair hand), presents, and a full […]