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  • French toast muffins with strawberries and miso

    French toast muffins with strawberries and miso

    We have all heard of French toast. But French toast muffins? With strawberry and miso? Last weekend, I hosted a brunch. This wasn’t my first foray into breakfast parties as I’d cooked a spread of pancakes for my 26th birthday, and we all got drunk on Bloody Marys. As usual I never remember to take […]

  • Strawberry and raspberry scones

    Strawberry and raspberry scones

    Like a fledgling flying the nest, I am once again moving house. Not to Manchester for once, or back to London. No, this time my destination is New Zealand. Yes, it’s quite far. About as far as you can go in fact. I’ve never lived overseas before. I’ve never even relocated beyond Hadrian’s Wall. Luckily for […]