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  • Coconut and Passion Fruit Panna Cottas

    Coconut and Passion Fruit Panna Cottas

    For my 11th birthday, I had a Valentine’s Day themed sleepover party. Paper hearts in shades of pink and red were stuck to the walls, my mum and sister came up with a St Valentine quiz for me and my friends, and there was a ‘baking’ competition that involved the microwave and melted Skittles and…

  • To warm the heart

    To warm the heart

    It’s half-term. The streets are silent. The only sign of life is the wind belligerently rattling the door to the bakery. Golden and crusty sourdough loaves sit in their wooden trays on the shelf waiting to be chosen like a nervous teenager at a school dance. The front of house staff stand by the till…

  • My issue with Valentine’s Day

    My issue with Valentine’s Day

    So Valentine’s Day is approaching. Many people probably don’t remember until the 13th February and run out to the nearest Clinton Cards in a panic but I’m aware of its impending presence because of the sheer bombardment of merchandise. Similar to other card-sending ‘holidays’ the shops are packed with cards and trinkets – Tesco has an…