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  • Nectarine and blackberry croissant cake

    Nectarine and blackberry croissant cake

    If a positive start to the year is an increase in productivity then mine is going badly. So far I have eaten three chocolate chip cookies straight off the baking tray and dozed in my bed, bundled under the covers like a hibernating bear, even though the sky is a perfect shade of periwinkle blue. […]

  • Lentil and olive ragu

    Lentil and olive ragu

    I don’t mean to break any hearts but here is a cold hard truth – it is a myth that you lose weight while travelling. In fact, it is more likely you will gain weight. I know this because of my reflection in any full-length mirror is ultimately a depressing sight these days. There have […]

  • Kūmara hash with goat’s cheese

    Kūmara hash with goat’s cheese

    Greetings from Wellington! It’s been a while, dear reader, I hope you’re still there. And just like that, I’ve been in New Zealand for a month. There have been picnics and wine tasting on Waiheke Island, cake on the beach in Paihia and hiking through dripping rainforests to Cathedral Cove. I have watched the sun […]