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  • Vegetable and pearl barley soup

    Vegetable and pearl barley soup

    January is a month of slurping soups. There are thick parsnip and apple soups, practically white with cream and a brightness of flavour that makes you suddenly sit up and eat your lunch more alertly than usual. A butternut squash soup drizzled with turmeric yoghurt, in an attempt to coerce flavour into this despondent vegetable […]

  • Roast chicken, lime and herb salad

    Roast chicken, lime and herb salad

    This year we have all made a new friend. That friend is called Lockdown. He’s not a friend to everyone – he’s quite smothering and bossy, to be honest. He says he has your best interests at heart. But if that best interest is me eating my body weight in baguette and not taking any […]

  • Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Eat the Seasons: Winter

    Interestingly, the most unnoticeable seasonal change is the one leading into the harshest, bleakest of seasons. Not quite the welcome to this post as I’d initially planned. Try not to imagine Siberia outside as you read on. Maybe it seems gradual as we’re already bundled up to the eyebrows in scarfs and coats and blankets, […]

  • The Beast from the East: Bread & butter pudding for 1

    The Beast from the East: Bread & butter pudding for 1

    We Brits are not adept at change. Take this week, for instance. The fateful Beast from the East is looming above British towns and cities, terrifying people into their homes while icy winds as sharp as knives blast, and soft, light snow flutters down despite the blue sky and bright sunshine. Whenever it snows here […]

  • Winter warmers

    Winter warmers

    This may be an unusual statement but I, for one, freaking love winter. As a foodie this declaration has even less grounding. Your favourite time of year is when there is no fresh produce, everything is unripe, firm and flavourless, and you don’t even want to shuffle into the kitchen because it’s too cold to […]