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Engage your audience by telling them a story

I can paint a picture of that simple roast chicken, crisp and golden-skinned, shared with family.

Or the overly-ripe fuzzy-skinned peach, eaten over the sink to catch the juice.

What about those langoustines eaten with your fingers on a summer’s evening, the ocean’s waves swooshing along the beach just out of sight?

Readers will trust your recipes if they meet the person behind them

Blogs full of repeated phrases to boost the SEO, endless FAQs and ingredients lists before you get to the actual recipe are generic and everywhere on the internet.

Instead, tell a story. Introduce yourself to your reader, and take them on a journey through your recipes.

Attract readers by conjuring beautiful images in their minds

My photography and written content packages:

peanut butter cookies

Food Photography:

Photography of 5 recipes

pear, chocolate and hazelnut scones

Combined Package:

Food photography and written content for 5 blog posts or recipes

Written food content:

5 blog posts or recipes

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