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Food for me is simply greed. And love. And stories. I believe eating is that perfect time to do nothing except enjoy your meal, and maybe read something evocatively foodie.

Feeling hungry?

Hummingbird cupcakes

Hi, let me introduce myself – I’m Ally!

I’m a chef, food writer, and one of those kinds of people who must eat every two hours.

If you like food that is delicious but also messy and inherently easy to make, and meanwhile you want to sink your teeth into some vaguely witty musings, then this is the blog for you.

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The latest recipes

rice pudding pancakes

It’s the weekend. Which means brunch. Which means

Rice pudding pancakes

Where to eat in Wellington

Planning your next foodie getaway?

8 great places to eat in Wellington, NZ

peanut butter

My sweet tooth is my vice, so join me on the dark side with

Peanut butter fudge sauce